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Institute of Textile Technology

Professional Education Courses

ITT offers short courses and seminars concerning key technical issues in the textile industry. Online registration available
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Executive Conferences

The Institute's premier conference offerings are the Principles of Textile Technology (POTT) and the Leadership of Textile Technology (LOTT). Each executive conference is designed to offer dynamic, current, pragmatic, and thought-provoking offerings and challenges that will engage all participants. Online registration available.

Customized Education Courses

Courses may be designed according to your specifications. Our existing courses may be customized for your company with your company logo and customized support materials. Please contact ITT if you would like more information.

Distance Learning

Basic Textiles distance learning is available from NCSU. ITT offers custom distance learning through CDs and the internet. ITT will develop specialized courses that allow companies to train individuals or groups at the convenience of the participants. Each course is created for a specific company and the content, breadth, and costs are determined by company representatives and ITT Education staff.

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