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Membership Benefits and Value Received

Institute membership is available to companies that manufacture, purchase, or sell textile products and to companies that provide materials, equipment, supplies, services, or other resources to the textile industry. At this time, membership is not available to individuals.

The most important benefit of membership is that of supporting an organization committed to the improvement and enhancement of the industry through education, applied research, information transfer, and highly specialized consultations and services.

Specific benefits extended exclusively to members include the following:

These benefits are becoming more significant as the industry streamlines and companies sacrifice capabilities in areas of services provided by the Institute such as research and development, and training. As originally envisioned by ITT's founders, by pooling resources, highly competent skills and sophisticated resources are available to members at a fraction of the cost required to maintain those resources individually. Membership support represents an investment that allows the education and training of future industry leaders, helping to assure the survival of the industry now and into the future.

The Institute staff also plays an effective role in providing visionary leadership in strategic issues facing the industry. Many company leaders testify that these services more than pay for their membership in ITT.

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Research is central to all activities at ITT and is one of the defining components of the academic program. It is the key ingredient for the generation of new knowledge for the textile and allied industries. It is also the activity that differentiates ITT from consulting groups serving the industry. Research is our heritage.

INFORMATION SERVICES Technical and Consulting Services
Technical and consulting services are offered primarily through ITT Technologies, Inc. (IT3). With access to the intellectual talent and experience of ITT staff, IT3 offers a wide range of services to members and nonmembers including analysis and testing of textile chemicals and materials, in-plant studies to evaluate process improvements, proprietary research, product development, environmental and energy studies/audits, and engineering services for textile processes and environmental systems.

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