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The Technial Advisory Committee as a body has five subcommittees. These subcommittees are normally referred to as steering committees. The TAC is chaired by a board-appointed industry leader and is composed of the chairpersons of the five steering committees plus three or four Institute leadership and faculty members. These are the five steering committees and their respective areas of coverage:

  1. Greige Manufacturing
    raw materials, quality control, spinning, weaving, knitting, non-wovens
  2. Wet Processing, Energy, and Environment
    substrate preparation, coloration, finishing, plus all energy and environmental issues
  3. Economic Competitiveness
  4. Emerging Technologies
    non-traditional, longer-term research
  5. Academic and Institutional Effectiveness
    all non-research activities of ITT

The major responsibilities of the research steering committees are to suggest appropriate topics for ITT research, review existing projects for both progress and value, and establish dialog with the faculty to ensure maximum return on the research dollars invested by member companies. Their input stimulates research project proposals that faculty and staff submit in the beginning of the academic year.

Many of the proposals include budgets for potential student thesis research and for summer internships for undergraduate students interested in the Institute's academic program. Proposals are critiqued and improved before submission to the Technical Advisory Committee. This committee meets near the end of the calendar year to discuss the proposals and rank the projects in three categories: must fund, fund if possible, and do not fund. This guidance is used by Institute leadership in the development of the next annual research agenda according to the budget amount that is available for TAC research. Through this process, a slate of research projects is approved and is funded by membership dues.

Institute of Textile Technology
Technical Advisory Commitee (TAC)
The TAC has been active since it was created by the Board of Trustees in 1950 and has the responsibility to guide the Institute in the development of an annual research agenda.

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