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Research is one of the defining components of the academic program. It is the key ingredient for the generation of new knowledge for the textile and allied industries. It is also the activity that differentiates ITT from consulting groups serving the industry. Research is our heritage.

The research at ITT is conducted by the faculty and staff and by the second-year graduate students. There are currently four industry committees that are responsible for guiding the faculty and staff research. Student thesis research is often based on industry input as well.

ITT faculty, staff, and students conduct research studies on textile manufacturing methods and competitiveness issues. The Institute evaluates materials, manufacturing processes and control systems, production machines, and management strategies and works with companies to customize results that allow them to be more globally competitive. From decades of research findings, ITT has established important databases that foster substantial improvements in the productivity of the industry by clearly establishing performance goals through benchmarks and quality indices.

The Institute's Textile Analysis and Troubleshooting Laboratory has been an integral part of the Institute of Textile Technology (ITT) for several decades. As part of ITT, this lab has assisted ITT member companies with thousands of chemical testing and defect analysis projects. With the formation of ITT Technologies (IT3), a for profit arm of ITT, the Textile Analysis Lab can now offer services to the entire textile industry.

Research at the Institute of Textile Technology  

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