Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Durable and Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardants for Textile Materials
Thesis Author: Marc Matthews
Abstract: Flame retardant chemicals were used as topical finishes on cotton and cotton blended fabric. Comparison of flame resistance and durability of non-bromine/non-antimony flame retardants were explored based on flame resistance testing and physical testing results. Three 100% cotton fabrics and 3 cotton blended fabrics were used. Twenty one different commercially available flame retardants were used as topical finishes on all fabric types. Fabrics were treated and tested at 0, 5, 10 and 25 washes. Final results show that two of the phosphorus flame retardants were durable to 25 washes. Physical testing results show that there were undesirable side effects from the two durable topical treatments. The two phosphorus based flame retardants outperformed the bromine/antimony flame retardants and the non-treated samples in flame resistance.