Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Adapting Lean Principles for the Textile Industry
Thesis Author: Kelly Goforth Ross
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to determine which lean principles are appropriate for implementation in the textile industry. Lean manufacturing involves a variety of principles and techniques, all of which have the same ultimate goal: to eliminate waste and non-valueadded activities at every production or service process in order to bring the most satisfaction to the customer. To stay competitive, many domestic textile manufacturers have sought to improve their manufacturing processes so that they can more readily compete with overseas manufacturers. Implementing cost-saving lean manufacturing techniques may be used to reduce the impact of cheap imports. This study identifies twenty-four different tools and principles of lean and compares lean manufacturing with other production approaches used in the textile and apparel industry. This research investigates how companies across a variety of industries have used lean principles in their businesses to bring the most benefit. Lean manufacturing use in the textile industry was examined in this research through interviews, plant tours, and case studies. The results from this research were compiled to create a textile specific lean implementation roadmap which consists of a list of barriers applying to textile companies implementing lean, a 5s system and Value Stream Mapping best practice checklists, and a recommendation model for implementing lean tools and principles in a textile environment.