Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Increasing the Cost Competitiveness of the U.S. Textile Manufacturer through the Attenuation of Slasher and Sized Yarn Waste
Thesis Author: David Eschew
Abstract: Due to the changing markets for US Textile manufacturers, many manufacturers are running numerous styles as compared to in the past. Also, the longevity of these styles do not compare with past commodity products these same manufacturers used to produce. Set lengths continue to decrease in size as customers demand shorter, more specialized orders. The amount of waste created in the warp preparation processes, while in the past commodity business was considered acceptable, has become a significant factor in lost profits. This research works with slashing experts in the textile industry, from vendors and manufacturers, to investigate methods to reduce this inherent raw material waste in warp preparation. The areas of focus include: process engineering, and innovative controls, and new technology. The process engineering focus investigates reasonable methods and procedures used throughout the industry, in turn, developing a best practices summary for reduction of waste in smaller slashing lots. The best practices compilation covers all aspects of warping and sizing that create waste and suggests ways to reduce these wastes with little, if any, capital expenditures. The innovative controls focus explores available software programs and other accessories that may be available to aid in the reduction of waste. And finally, the investigation of new technology works directly with the vendors of warping and sizing machinery to focus on what products on the horizons are available to reduce this generated warp preparation waste for smaller lot sizes.