Thesis Details

Thesis Title: DR-CAFTA Opportunities for the U.S. Textile Industry
Thesis Author: Bonnie Leigh Daniels
Abstract: In an age of rapid globalization, the worldwide textile and apparel industry has encountered a large variety of challenges, as well as opportunities. The United States textile and apparel industry has faced significant challenges as the volume of imports into the region has increased. In an attempt to maintain the viability of the U.S. textile industry, as well as to foster development in other global regions, the U.S. Government has entered into several trade agreements, extending preferential treatment and allowing quota-free and duty-free access on select products into the U.S. Market (Rees & Hathcote, 2004). The goal of this research is to identify the opportunities presented to the US textile and apparel industry based on select provisions and benefits provided by DR-CAFTA. This study will include the creation of a database and examination of the six DR-CAFTA countries. More specifically, this research will identify opportunities for US textile firms to manufacture or partner within DR-CAFTA countries, and identify opportunities for US textile firms to market products (yarn/fabric) to DR-CAFTA firms. Possible opportunities for U.S. textile firms are identified in terms of: speed, cost savings, time, money, and preferential tariffs.