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Thesis Title: Filling Insertion Perfonnance Characteristics of MVS 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Yams in High-Speed Air Jet Weaving Machines
Thesis Author: Abisai Vicente Jimenez Fuentes
Abstract: Introduced fonnally to the textile industry in 1997, the Murata Vortex Spinner (MVS) is capable of producing yarn about 20 times faster than ring spinning, and about 3 times faster than open-end spinning. The MVS system uses aerodynamic principles to produce yarn. Different aerodynamic principles are used by air jet weaving machines for inserting filling yarn during fabric production. Since MVS yarns are likely to be used as filling yarns, it would be beneficial to explore the behavior of MVS yarns during highspeed insertion on air jet weaving machines. For this research, 12 groups of 28's Ne, 65/35 poly/cotton MVS yarns were spun on an MVS 851 machine and were used as filling during fabric weaving on Tsudakoma ZX ZAX air jet weaving machines. The needle holder type employed during MVS spinning was shown to influence the number of I-mm length hairs protruding from the yarn with a more hairy yarn resulting when spun with a needle in the needle holder. This hairiness level was related to both filling stops and air consumption during weaving. Filling stop level and air consumption both decreased with an increase in the number of I-mm length hairs on the surface of the MVS filling yarn.