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Thesis Title: "An Investigation ofthe Effects of Using Ionic Liquids as a Warp Sizing Agent on Yam Physical Properties
Thesis Author: Lakessa Wright
Abstract: Historically, the criteria for selecting an ideal sizing agent have been low cost, abrasion resistance, film formation, and adhesion to fiber. However, the development of new sizing agents should not be limited to these characteristics alone. It was hypothesized that ionic liquids could be used as a sizing agent because ionic liquids are excellent lubricants. Previous research has shown that ionic liquids have friction reduction and anti-wear performance on metal and ceramic surfaces. Ionic liquid technology is rapidly emerging, and no known information is available regarding their use as a sizing agent. Therefore, this research determined the effect of ionic liquids on yarn physical properties. This investigation was carried out using a 40s 100% cotton ring spun yarn and three different ionic liquids including acetylcholine docusate, I-butyl-3- methylimidazolium chloride, and I-butylpyridinium bromide. For comparison purposes starch, PV A, and a starchIPV A blend were applied to the same yarn to compare the physical properties of the sized yarn. The yarn physical properties analyzed included tensile strength, elongation, modulus, hairiness, and abrasion resistance. Also, ionic liquid desizing methods were conducted and the effectiveness of each method was determined. The results showed that [bmim t cr and [bupy t Br - increased yarn elongation and acetylcholine docusate reduced yarn hairiness. The effect of each ionic liquid on the sized yarn physical properties depended on the conditions used to apply the ionic liquid to the yam. Also, the results of the ionic liquid desizing evaluation showed that these ionic liquids can be removed from the yarn with water even at room temperature.