Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Enhancement of pigment dyed polyester for applications in automotive and apparel fabrics
Thesis Author: James Craven
Abstract: Advances in fiber spinning technology have introduced new filament yam products in recent years. These products are the result of advancements in mass coloration techniques. To solution dye polyester, pigments must be introduced into the melt during the fiber-forming process. Color becomes an integral component before fiber is formed. This method produces exceptional colorfastness compared to conventional dyeing methods. However, when color is added in this manner, the pigment particles not only give the fiber color, but also affect other properties. Previous research has shown that pigmented fibers exhibit differences in structure of crystals, orientation in amorphous regions, and tensile properties compared to pure polyester fiber without pigmentation. Problems associated with fiber-to-metal friction have become a major concern for knitters of fine-denier, solution-dyed carbon black PET. Warp knitters have expressed an interest in using these new fibers in the production of lightweight colored fabrics, but have been restricted to pastel colors that exhibit less friction than darker colored yams. This research has added to the understanding ofthe filament morphology and properties of partially oriented and fully drawn carbon black yams. This research determined the similarities and differences among different levels of carbon black pigment, spin finish type, and cross section. The similarities and differences among the filaments were explained according to the resultant morphological and physical properties of the different filament types.