Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The use of computational fluid dynamics to optimize the flow profile of dye liquor in yarn package dyeing
Thesis Author: David Karst
Abstract: One goal of yarn package dyeing is to apply dye uniformly throughout the packages, and the liquor flow profile affects the levelness. Liquor should flow uniformly through the packages with level dyeing expected. If liquor short cuts out the sides of the packages, which is leakage, unlevel dyeing is expected. The package dyeing industry therefore should understand the variables affecting liquor flow. 1 Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was used in this research to model the flow of dye liquor during package dyeing and to determine how the liquor flow rate, package density, and package permeability affect the liquor flow profile. To create an accurate model, data were taken from dyed yarn packages. When each yarn package on the spindle was sealed at the ends to prevent leakage, the proportion of axial liquor flow was zero, a uniform flow profile. When the end caps were permeable to liquor flow to allow leakage, the percent axial flow increased with increasing package density.