Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effects of hydrophilic finish on the water vapor transfer of knitted polyester fabrics
Thesis Author: Shawn Flavin
Abstract: The increasing popularity of sports oriented apparel has lead to magnified interests of consumers and industry in the development and production of high performance athletic wear fabrics. One principally important characteristic of performance active wear is the enhancement of thermal comfort during periods of physical exertion. Maintaining cool ambient body temperatures is specifically important for active wear fabrics. Therefore, this research focused on quantifying moisture transport by the measurable parameters of water vapor diffusion, air permeability, and wicking ability. This research provided an understanding of how hydrophilic fabric finishes affected the moisture transport abilities of knitted polyester fabrics. Three different commercially available hydrophilic fabric finishes were applied to fabrics of textured polyester filament yarns in a IxI rib knit construction at three different levels ofaddMon and two temperatures of application. Results from this study determined that addition of hydrophilic finishes enhanced the measured parameters of moisture transport. The different finish structures resulted in variable effects on water vapor diffusion, air permeability, and wicking. Overall, comparison of results presented in this research identifies the distinctiveness and importance of each measured moisture transport parameter.