Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effect of reverse coating on the strength retention and fabric hand of cellulase treated denim fabrics
Thesis Author: Gene-Paul Jordan
Abstract: The introduction of enzymes to the textile industry has added a powerful tool in the areas of fabric preparation and finishing. Cellulase treatment is an effective method to soften the hand of fabrics; however, the treatment can also lower fabric strength. A new method for giving fabric~ a softer hand and preserving fabric strength was achieved by this research. Twenty-four unique conditions of cellulase treated fabrics were produced by varying cellulase type, cellulase concentrations, and polymer type in the research. Data were analyzed to determine the effects of these parameters on the properties of weft tear strength, warp tear strength, and fabric hand. In addition, a comparison between treated fabrics and control fabrics was completed. The results of this research indicate that using a polymer coating significantly preserves the strength of cellulase treated fabric. The research showed that the hand of the coated and uncoated fabric was indistinguishable. These results support the assumption that the hand of the fabric can be improved with cellulase treatment without significant loss of strength.