Thesis Details

Thesis Title: A study of the use of 100% recycled cotton fiber in polyester/cotton blends for single-jersey knit fabrics
Thesis Author: Cynthia Compton Feeny
Abstract: The concept of recycling for the textile industry and other industries is based upon eliminating the waste of valuable resources. Companies have long known that by reducing waste, raw material cost savings and manufacturing process time savings can be realized. Similarly, reuse and recycling of waste can also lead to significant cost savings through reduction in the need for virgin raw materials. Raw materials represent a significant portion of the cost of a product, and textile manufacturers are realizing the need to recapture this cost in order to remain competitive during the global changes occurring in the textile industry. This research provided an understanding of the processing specifications required for garnetting, carding, drawing, and rotor spinning of medium count yarns containing varying blends of virgin polyester, solution-dyed polyester, virgin cotton, and recycled cotton fiber. The yarns were knit into single-jersey fabrics and evaluated based on fabric hand and appearance. Results from this study determined that changes to standard processing specifications for garnetting, drawing, and rotor spinning were required in order to process polyester/recycled cotton materials. The effects of cotton type, polyester type, fiber blend type, fiber blend level, and rotor spinning stock type on knit fabric appearance and hand were significant. In general, the polyester/recycled cotton fabrics had better appearance and hand when compared to polyester/virgin cotton fabrics.