Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effect of fiber denier and fiber cross-sectional modification on 100% polyester plied air jet spun yarn for the production of raschel velour automotive fabric
Thesis Author: Kyle Gipson
Abstract: Automotive interior fabric manufacturers have been confronted with an increase in consumer demand for comfort and styling options. To satisfy demand, automotive interior fabric manufacturers are researching for new developments in the design, materials, processing and construction of fabrics that achieve the specific performance characteristics required by the automotive market. The most versatile technology that can produce automotive interior fabrics is warp knitting. The machines, especially the double needle bar Raschel machine, which fall within the warp knitting category allow an assortment of patterns while producing soft handed pile fabric at high efficiency rates. Therefore, to supply the demand for more stylized design features, fabric manufactures have placed more attention upon the development of fibers and yarn. This research provides an understanding of how fiber denier and fiber crosssectional modification of 100 % polyester plied air jet spun yarn affected the aesthetic and performance characteristics of Raschel velour automotive fabric. The study also determined the similarities and differences between Raschel velour fabrics produced from polyester filament yarns in the pile and fabrics produced from plied air jet spun polyester yarn in the pile.