Thesis Details

Thesis Title: A comparison of comfort and appearance in double fleece knits constructed with filament polyester, 100% Tencel, 100% staple polyester, and 50/50 Tencel/polyester spun yarn
Thesis Author: Angela Jenson
Abstract: Approximately 50% of all apparel fabric is manufactured by the knitting process (Chen, Barker, R.L., Smith, G.W., & Scruggs, B., 1992). One knit product that is increasing in its popularity is fleece. A newer fleece knit that has become prevalent in outerwear is double fleece. The distinguishing characteristics of double fleece are bulkiness and warmth. These characteristics are achieved by the unique knit structure and finishing process. Currently, polyester is used in double fleece because of strength and warmth characteristics. However, Tencel® fiber provides properties of excellent drape, luster, strength, and fibrillation, that may add to the characteristics of double fleece knits. Fibrillation creates hairiness on the surface of the fabric, which is the main characteristic of a fleece fabric. In this study, 24 conditions of double fleece knit fabrics were produced from filament polyester, ring spun polyester, ring spun Tencel®, and ring spun 50/50 Tencel®/polyester. The independent variables included fiber and yarn type, sinker height, and ravel length. The characteristics of comfort and appearance of the knitted fabrics were evaluated by air-permeability, thermal resistivity, vertical moisture movement, water vapor transfer, hand, abrasion resistance, pilling, and visual appearance. Results of the research indicate that spun fabrics had the best overall comfort, while the filament polyester had the best overall appearance. Comfort was largely influenced by the fiber/yarn type used in the structure. Fabric tightness affected the appearance of the fabric. Overall, all independent variables influenced to varying degrees the comfort and appearance of double fleece fabrics.