Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effects of achieving uniform moisture levels on the quality of 100% cotton rotor-spun yarn
Thesis Author: Heath Maughon
Abstract: Textile manufacturers spend thousands of dollars annually ensuring that proper relative humidities are maintained during the processing of 100% cotton. Many textile companies also spend thousands of dollars on equipment to moisturize the yarn after it has been produced, which allows for higher production speeds on knitting and weaving machines, more even distribution throughout the package, and uniform friction values. Consistency in manufacturing textiles is of major importance. If spinners applied specific levels of moisture and knew what relative humidity was required to maintain specific moisture levels in cotton fibers during processing, spinners may be able to produce products at more consistent process efficiencies and quality levels. The results of this research provided cotton yarn manufacturers with the data that determined if achieving uniform moisture levels in cotton prior to processing yielded higher quality products at minimal expense to a manufacturing facility. Previous research had indicated that 6.4 % moisture content had desirable effects on cotton quality. This research applied moisture to obtain a 7 and 8 % moisture content in the 100% cotton stock and determined if there were added benefits to moisturizing cotton prior to processing. i