Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effect of changing fabric construction on the compressive behavior of raschel knitted spacer fabrics
Thesis Author: David Zetune
Abstract: This study examined the effects of fabric construction on the compressive behavior of spacer fabrics. Many studies have been conducted on spacer knitted fabrics, but most were proprietary in nature and performed by individual textile manufacturers. Currently, little published research exists which may assist manufacturers to predict the behavior of spacer fabrics. The impact of different fabric knit constructions on the compressive behavior of the fabric is not fully understood. Understanding the behavior of these constructions would help predict the fabric I s compressive behavior and enable the engineering of fabrics to meet specific performance characteristics. For this research, the compressive behavior of differently constructed spacer fabrics was evaluated. Differences in compressive response were related to differences in fabric construction. Elements of the fabric construction that were changed were the motion of the guide bars, the type of loop used, the inclination of the spacer yarn, and the trick plate gap. The knowledge gained from testing the compressive behavior of spacer fabrics was applied to develop a model that can be used to estimate the compressive stiffness of multiple spacer fabric cons tructions.