Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effects of cotton fiber color grade and growth area on dyed color variation in 100% cotton knitted fabrics
Thesis Author: Stacy Barton
Abstract: The growing conditions for cotton vary from growth region to growth region within the United States. Growing and harvesting conditions can influence the constituents and properties of the cotton fiber. It has yet to be determined how the varying of conditions from growth region to growth region affect the color grade given to cotton fiber and subsequently the dyeability of that fiber. A total of sixty-four, l50-gram, samples of cotton fiber were obtained which represented the 1997 cotton crop from the West, Southwest, Southeast, and Mid-South regions. Each sample was processed into fabric, prepared, and dyed. After dyeing, the CIELAB color and depth of shade values were evaluated to determine if sample-tosample variation existed. The results show that cotton fiber color grade has no influence on the color or depth shade of prepared and dyed fabrics. Growth region, however, significantly impacts color variation and dye uptake.