Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effect of fiber type, yarn structure, and fabric cover on moisture wicking and evaporation properties in single-jersey knit fabrics for athletic wear garments
Thesis Author: Emily Fesquet-Stanley
Abstract: The growing popularity of sports and sports fashion has lead to increased interest by both consumer and industry in development and production of athletic wear fabrics. Athletic wear fabrics having high performance characteristics have become an important segment in the sports apparel industry. The performance characteristics of focus in this research were the transport and evaporation of moisture. This research provided an understanding of how fiber type, yarn structure, fabric cover, and yarn count affected moisture movement in apparel fabrics. Polypropylene, polyester, and Coolmax® fibers were processed into ring and air jet yarns and knitted into single-jersey fabric. Results from this study determined that wicking was largely influenced by fabric structure. The effects of combinations involving number of fibers per cross section and wales per inch possibly caused variable wicking between polyester and Coolmax® fabrics, while wettability was a key factor of moisture wicking in polypropylene fabric. Evaporation and air permeability were also affected by fabric structure. Testing indicated that as wales per inch increased, evaporation increased. Air permeability testing was mainly influenced by cover factor, where an increase in cover factor caused a decrease in air flow. Overall, fabric structure and wettability played key roles in moisture movement.