Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Color assessment of lace fabrics
Thesis Author: Jennifer Finch
Abstract: As one of many intimate apparel components, lace is subject to stringent color tolerances. Colorimetric assessment of lace is difficult due to the varying color and texture of the fabric substrate. To date, methods have not yet been established to measure this important aesthetic property. An objective, quantitative evaluation technique for lace color is needed to improve quality control and ensure that customer specifications are fulfilled. This study used two colorimetric assessment approaches in an attempt to simulate human perception of lace color. One approach used finished lace as the color measurement substrate, while the other used knit fabric samples that were composed of each yam type in the lace. The latter were dyed with the lace dye lot as rider fabrics. Color measurements were then related to the color judgement of a trained panel using discriminant analysis. Finished lace color measurements reproduced human color perception up to 100 % accurately. The rider fabric approach did not prove successful.