Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effects of polyester fiber finish type, navel type, and rotor speed on lint shedding of 50/50 polyester cotton open-end yarns
Thesis Author: Keith Blackwell
Abstract: Advancements in open-end spinning technology have made it possible to reach rotor speeds of 150,000 rpm. Polyester/cotton open-end yarns are typically produced at rotor speeds less than 110,000 rpm for blends containing 50% polyester and 50% cotton. Many attempts have been made to maximize the full technological capabilities of modern open-end spinning machines for 50/50 blends. However, the problem of lint shedding when spinning blends remains a limiting factor to increasing productivity as the polyester fiber contributes to nearly 80% of the lint shed. In an effort to reduce the problem of lint shedding and deterioration in yarn quality at higher rotor speeds, this research focused on the effects of different finish types, navel types, and rotor speeds on lint shedding and yarn quality. The study determined that for the 50/50 polyester/cotton yarns produced for knitting, a less cohesive finish type showed reductions in lint shedding as rotor speed was increased when compared to a more cohesive finish type. For the 36/1 (Ne) yarns produced for weaving applications, as rotor speed was increased, lint shedding also increased. The experimental navels and finish types used in this study had no impact on the lint shedding tendency of the 36/1 (Ne) yarns.