Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An investigation of fiber and spinning parameters on the Murata 802H air jet spinner and their effect on single-jersey knit fabric appearance
Thesis Author: Stephen Cuthbert
Abstract: Since the introduction of the air jet spinning machine in the early 1980's, air jet spinning has been unable to have significant impact on the knitting industry. Specifically, air jet yarns produce an objectionable streaky appearance in single-jersey knit fabrics due to poor mid-term evenness and numerous long thin places, preventing air jet yarns to be practical for knitted apparel applications. In an effort to improve the quality of air jet yarn for it to be practical for singlejersey knit fabrics, this research focused on the effects of different fiber and spinning parameters on mid-term evenness and long thin places and ultimately single-jersey knit fabric appearance. The effects of Nl pressure, N2 pressure, main draft, total draft, feed ratio, spinning speed, fiber length and apron spacer on mid-term evenness and long thin places were investigated. The study determined that Nl pressure, main draft and total draft had the biggest impact on these yarn properties. The study also determined that differences in yarn mid-term and short-term evenness could be detected in single-jersey knit fabrics.