Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An investigation into the effects of pre-wetting 100 percent cotton ring spun warp yarns on slashed yarn physical properties and air jet weaving performance
Thesis Author: Charles Haynes
Abstract: Slashing and weaving operations are under a constant demand for increased performance and production with a reduced level of cost. To satisfy the desire for production, weavers are increasingly turning to air jet machines for faster speeds. The faster production speeds and insertion mechanics of the air jet weaving machine have placed renewed emphasis on the quality of the slashed warp. One of the slashed yarn properties under increased scrutiny from air jet weavers is warp yarn hairiness. This property has surfaced because of the inability of the stream of air to penetrate obstructions in the shed created by clinging yarns resulting from protruding fibers. One way of combating warp yam hairiness is through increases in size add-on. However, this response brings increased cost in the sizing area which may not be tolerated in today's global competition. This research was conducted to determine the effects of pre-wetting warp yarns prior to the sizing operation on slashed yarn quality, weaving performance, and selected finished fabric properties. The conditions which were pre-wet were run at significantly lower levels of size add-on than the control to determine if improvements associated with pre-wetting could be obtained at a reduced level of cost. This experiment was limited to 711 Ne 100 percent cotton ring spun warp yarns woven on the Nissan LA-51 air jet weaving machine. The general conclusion of this research is that pre-wetting yields equivalent or improved product quality and machine performance in slashing and weaving at a reduced range of percent add-on as compared to conventional sizing.