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Thesis Title: The Effect of Polyester Spun Yarn Variants on the Aesthetic and Physical Properties of Raschel Velour Automotive Upholstery
Thesis Author: Amy Coyne
Abstract: The trend in the development of upholstery fabrics for the automotive industry is toward making improvements in the aesthetic properties of the fabric. Fabrics with an improvement in comfort are in demand by both the automobile manufacturers and the consumer. These trends have forced fabric manufacturers to explore new yarns, fabric constructions, and finishing techniques that will improve the hand of the fabric. Many manufacturers have concentrated this research on the use of knitted pile fabrics, particularly double needle bar warp knits. Warp knit pile fabrics can be engineered for adjustable elasticity and can be produced at high production rates with considerable cost advantages. Pile fabrics are also associated with a soft fabric hand. In an effort to create aesthetic improvements in the fabric, this research focused on the effect of different polyester spun yarn variants on the aesthetic and physical properties of Raschel velour automotive upholstery. The effects of incorporating yarns produced from different spinning systems, with different levels of ply twist, and with or without wax lubrication were investigated. This evaluation also examined the effect of different levels of brushing on the resulting fabric. The study determined that improvements in the aesthetic properties of the fabric can be obtained with spun yarns without sacrificing the performance requirements designated by the automotive industry.