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Thesis Title: Detennining the Effects of Dye Structure on Apparent Dye Depth of Vat Dyestuffs for Dimensa and Conventional Mercerized Cotton Fabrics
Thesis Author: Lea Guay
Abstract: Mercerization of cotton fabric has proven to be a significant development in the textile industry. As the concern of the industry focuses on cost and quality, ways to improve this process are constantly sought. When compared to unmercerized fabrics, mercerized cotton fabrics have better dye affinity and uniformity while requiring less dyestuff to achieve the desired shade. A variety of dyestuffs can be used to dye cellulosic fabrics. The vat dyes, one of the more popular class of dyes, playa significant role in cellulosic dyeing. The popularity of these dyestuffs is attributed to their exceptional fastness properties, especially light and wet fastness. Furthermore, they possess minimal shade change after laundering. This study was designed to examine the effects of vat dyestuff chemical structure on apparent dye depth, and to compare Dimensa and conventional mercerizing. Results of this study found that vat dye structure had no significant effect on apparent dye depth under the conditions tested. Furthermore, conventional mercerization was comparable to that of Dimensa mercerization.