Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An Evaluation of Picanol's Dynamic Weft Insertion Simulator as Related to Air Jet Weaving
Thesis Author: Joan Moss
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to evaluate the Picanol Air Index Tester to gain a better understanding of the value of this instrument to the yarn manufacturing and weaving facilities of the textile industry. The research revealed that the Picanol Air Index simulator is a reliable instrument that provides accurate data with respect to weft yarn behavior while in an airstream. The velocity data generated on the simulator was related to measurable yarn properties, to deepen the fundamental understanding of how surface properties affect yarn velocity in an air stream. The data was also related to a weaving machine in order to determine if correlations exist between the simulator and full scale commercial air jet weaving machines. The results of the research revealed that the surface properties that affect the yarns' behavior on the Air Index Tester also affect its performance on the weaving machine. With this knowledge, the Air Index Tester can be used for a variety of applications in yarn manufacturing and weaving facilities to evaluate a yarns performance prior to production weaving. It can also be used to quantify mechanical filling insertion parameters as they relate to weft flight in the loom and compressed air consumption.