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Thesis Title: Development of an On-Line Prediction Model to Determine the Degree of Mercerization of Cotton Fabrics Using Remote Vibration Spectroscopy
Thesis Author: Solaine Spencer
Abstract: Mercerization of cotton fabrics has become a common practice in the textile industry, to enhance fabric characterisics such as dye uptake, dimensional stability, tensile strength and luster. 1 Until now no method was available that allowed for the quick and accurate determination of the degree of mercerization. The only test method that is recognized by AATCC is the barium activity determination method. However, this test method is laborious and time consuming, making it somewhat impractical for the manufacturing environment. Technological advancements in spectrophotometry has provided an alternative method of measuring the degree of mercerization on-line, using Near-Infrared Reflectance Analysis (NIRA). The NIRA technology has the capability of determining the degree of mercerization on-line, regardless of the fabric construction or color. An evaluation of NIRA included comparisons between the online NIRA Mercerization Index with the conventional barium activity number. The accuracy of NIRA was acceptable and comparable to the conventional test.