Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The Effects of Nozzle Components on the Cover and Hand of Fabrics Produced with Murata Jet Spun Yarns
Thesis Author: Patrick Anderson
Abstract: It has been shown that fabrics constructed with air-jet spun yams have a significantly lower cover factor than fabrics produced with either ring spun or rotor spun yarns. The harsh hand of fabrics constructed with air-jet yarns have limited their use, resulting in a slow growth rate. Therefore, for fabrics containing air-jet spun yarns to be acceptable aesthetically as well as economically, the cover and hand must be improved. This thesis focuses on the effects of the latest machine and nozzle designs on the aesthetics, especially cover, of fabrics produced with air-jet spun yams. The effects and interactions of combining generations of Nl and N2 nozzles, altering Nl and N2 nozzle guides, changing Nl and N2 air pressures, and varying production speeds on the cover of both woven and knit fabrics, while determining which yam characteristics most affect the cover and hand of fabrics are also investigated. The research can serve as a guideline for the selection of nozzles, spinning components and spinning parameters in order to enhance the cover factor in fabrics containing airjet spun yams without sacrificing yam quality.