Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The Effect of Polyester Fiber Variants, Spinning Parameters, and Rotor Speed on Lint Shedding of 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Open-End Yarns
Thesis Author: Andrew Butenhoff
Abstract: The problem of lint shedding has been widely recognized in the textile industry for years. Fiber fly causes fabric defects and machine stoppages which result in productivity losses and increased manufacturing costs. Consequently, minimization of shedding is desired for maximization of. yarn performance. In this research, increasing rotor speed was found to result in an increase in lint shedding and lower quality for 50/50 polyester/cotton yarns. However, this research points out that the effects of rotor speed can be minimized through the proper selection of polyester fiber characteristics and spinning parameters. Specifically, the following polyester fiber characteristics and machine components were found to allow for the least lint shedding: 1. High molecular weight polyester fibers, 2. Coarser and longer fibers, . 3. Low levels of fiber finish (0.10% instead of 0.13% or treatment with an overspray), and 4. Using a less aggressive KN4 navel instead of a KN8 navel.