Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An Evaluation of the Effects of Schlatborst Open End Spinning Components, Settings, and Lubricants on Energy Consumption
Thesis Author: Martin Howell
Abstract: Since the commercialization of open end spinning in 1968, thisĀ· system has dramatically increased as a spinning technology, to currently represent 20% of the world-wide spinning capacity. Productivity increases and cost improvements are the main reasons for open end spinning's advancing market share over ring spinning. The increasing popularity of open end spinning has enhanced the desire to decrease this spinning system's operating costs. Past research has investigated the reduction of open end spinning costs associated with raw materials, labor, repair, and maintenance. Little research has been conducted, however, on methods to reduce energy consumption at the spinning plant. Since energy is a major contributor to yam variable conversion costs, reducing energy consumption will help to reduce costs and increase margin. The effects on energy consumption of suction pressure, rotor speed and diameter, and synthetic lubricants were determined for this thesis. Research results show that each of these variables produced significant changes in total frame energy consumption. Several practical ideas also were developed which can significantly reduce energy consumption for the open end spinning plant.