Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An Investigation of the Influence of the Properties of 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Yams on Filling Insertion Performance in High Speed Air Jet Weaving
Thesis Author: Benjamin Mackey
Abstract: Weaving manufacturers continue to demand higher production rates from their weaving operations. To satisfy this desire, they have increasingly turned to air jet weaving machines. The faster production speeds associated with the latest air jet weaving machines place greater demands on filling yarns because there is less time for each pick to be accelerated across the width of the warp sheet. The assumption exists that current yarn quality is not high enough to withstand the tensile stress and strain forces associated with the rapid acceleration using a stream of compressed air. This research was conducted to determine if this assumption is valid by investigating the influence of tested yarn properties on filling insertion performance at the higher speeds capable with the newest air jet weaving technology. Utilizing 35/1 Ne, 50/50 polyester/cotton ring spun, rotor spun, and air jet spun filling yarns in the construction of a 78 x 54 plain woven fabric on a full-scale Picanol OMNI air jet weaving machine, this research attempted to provide the most practical, applicable information to the largest number of air jet weaving manufacturers. The results show that there are specific yarn properties that drive filling insertion performance in high speed air jet weaving, and that currently the yarn quality does exist to weave at speeds reaching 900 picks per minute. These properties and the relationship between these properties and the insertion settings used to propel the filling yarns are the most significant determinants of successful filling insertion at the increased production rates demanded by weaving manufacturers.