Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effects of in-bath lubrication, package surface wrap, and package geometry on the elimination of backwinding in the package yarn dyeing process
Thesis Author: Edward Hoggs
Abstract: During the 1980's, yam dyers began to look for ways to improve their operations. The dyers began to place more focus on the yam package dyeing process. Knitters found the process to be advantageous. As the procedure of optimizing the yam package dyeing process continues, attempts have been made to eliminate certain parts of the process, including backwinding. Backwinding accounts for approximately 16 % of the total yam package dyeing costs. In order to eliminate backwinding, a procedure or procedures have to be put in place to provide the same properties that were obtained through backwinding. The properties focused on are yam lubrication, depth of shade variation removal, suitable package shape, and the ability of the packages to totally unwind and transfer. The research focused on evaluating means other than backwinding to meet the above properties. In-bath lubricants were evaluated in a preliminary screening in order to discern which would be best overall to use on 22/1 's 100% cotton and 65/35 polyester/cotton yams. The use of in-bath lubrication would eliminate the need to use backwinding as a means to lubricate the yarn. Shrink wrap was used to help preserve the packages from unwanted sloughing and rolling of ends. This would help to eliminate the need to use backwinding as a means to repackage the yam for successful unwinding and transfer. A Digicone step precision winder was used to build both conical and cylindrical yam packages. This would also help to eliminate backwinding usage for successful unwinding and transfer. Testing was conducted at the Institute. The following general results were noted. 1. In-bath lubrication can replace paraffm wax discs as the means for lubricating yam. The lubricants can provide the following advantages and disadvantages when compared to paraffm wax disc lubrication: Adyantages - acceptable levelness values, - acceptable coefficient of friction values, and - acceptable hairiness values. Disadyantages - slightly lower strength values, and - slightly lower elongation values. 2. The use of package surface wrap has no statistically or physically observable advantages or disadvantages on the ultimate goal of eliminating the backwinding process. It has no affect on any of the tested parameters. 3. Yam packages can be taken directly from the kier and used in further processing, especially knitting. The packages can be wound to withstand the dynamic forces of dyeing and totally unwind without any complications. Although backwinding use .for lubrication and unwinding/transfer can be eliminated, research is still needed to evaluate means to eliminate backwinding use for depth of shade variation removal.