Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Analysis of the Efficiency of a Two Stage Activated Sludge Process in Treating Textile Wastewater
Thesis Author: Bruce Darren LaFlam
Abstract: There were three main objectives of this thesis research. The first objective was to determine the effect of a two-stage biological treatment system. The second objective was to determine the effect of different detention times in wastewater treatment. The final objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of MLSS on treatment effectiveness. There was no significant effect produced by the two-stafe biological treatment system. The effects of increasing MLSS were not significany, up to 4000 mg/l, on BOD and COD removal. The levels of detention time chosen for this thesis were 5 day, 3 day, and 7 hour. There was no significant difference with the 3 and 5 detention, suggesting that 7 hours to 3 days may be the best detention period for wastes of similar characteristics. The shorter detention period (7 hrs), simulating municipal detention periods, was significantly poorer in treatment performance.