Thesis Details

Thesis Title: A comparative study of mule-spun and ring-spun woolen yarn properties and their relationship to the spinning process
Thesis Author: Gregory Jones
Abstract: This thesis comparatively analyzes the properties of mule and ring-spun woolen yarns in order to gain understanding about mule and ring spinning technology. Woolen slubbing of the same count was spun into yarn with a theoretical count of 64.5 tex on an electronicallycontrolled mule, a single-draft woolen ring-frame, and a double-draft woolen ring-frame. In all three spinning systems, the yarn was spun at low, median, and high spindle speeds and at two twist levels. The spun yarns were tested for the following properties: 1) twist, 2) evenness, 3) single-end strength and elongation, and 4) hairiness. In addition, all the yarns were knitted into fabric specimens and tested for compression-related properties and air permeability. It was shown that the mUle-spun yarns were more variable in twist, more even, and less hairy than the ring-spun yarns. The single-draft ring-spun yarns were more variable in twist and more even than the double-draft ring-spun yarns. Many of the yarn property differences were explained by the technology of the spinning systems.