Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An investigation of the physical properties of textured microfilament polyester yarns and fabric
Thesis Author: James Watson
Abstract: The study, "An Investigation of the Physical Properties of Textured Microfilament Polyester Yarns and Fabric" was initiated to better understand the morphological, yarn, and fabric properties of polyester microfibers. The major emphasis of this study was to compare four textured yarns, three micro fibers and one control yarn. These yarns were subjected to eighteen different texturing processing combinations composed of different texturing speeds, primary heater temperatures, and texturing conditions. The results of this study showed that for the most part microfibers do not "stack up" to conventional textured yarn in traditional yarn and fabric tests like strength, elongation, bulk, dye uptake, fabric tearing strength, and fabric shrinkage. Microfibers are, however, superior to conventional textured yarns in the area of "comfort" properties. "Comfort" properties are properties like softness, drape, and breathability that are important in the apparel industry. Therefore, with continued refinement, microfibers should be able to stand up to their claim as the savior of the textured yarns business in the apparel markets.