Thesis Details

Thesis Title: A study of the changes in weaving machine reliability during the preventive maintenance cycle
Thesis Author: Timothy Ellis
Abstract: Currently, weaving machines are maintained through preventive maintenance on a fixed cycle. This is effective in ensuring long lifetimes of the machines, but individual machines need extra maintenance attention to control their flag rates. The overall average flag rate during the preventive maintenance cycle was constant. The average flag rate of all machines which passed through early weeks of the preventive maintenance cycle had the same flag rates as machines passing through weeks late in the cycle. There were individual machines which showed low reliability soon after preventive maintenance. There were also machines which showed high reliability while approaching the end of the PM cycle. The majority of the machines behaved in an inconsistent pattern. Tracking individual machines' behaviors while progressing through the preventive maintenance cycle would provide a tool for determining those machines which need individual maintenance attention. This is required because each machine has its own individual environment. This includes the style being produced, technician assigned, and location in the weave room. For a maintenance program to be most effective it must be timely. Treating machines as individuals will allow the management of a weaving operation to provide each machine with maintenance to reduce its flag rate at a time when it is most needed.