Thesis Details

Thesis Title: A study of liquid ammonia treatments on resinated, 100% cotton fabrics and their subsequent effects on dyeability, durable press, tensile and morphological properties
Thesis Author: Michael Hayes
Abstract: In today's textile industry, the ultimate quick response tool in wet processing is the use of garment dyeing. The main limitation with this technology is the wrinkled appearance and shrinkage of garment dyed products during the dyeing cycle. If garments were assembled from resinated fabrics, they would be more stable to shrinkage and wrinkling, but the dyeability would be greatly impaired by the presence of the durable press reactant. The current procedure is to therefore apply a durable press finish after garment dyeing, which is an expensive process. In this thesis, resinated cotton fabrics were treated in liquid ammonia in order to promote the subsequent dyeability of these otherwise dye resistant fabrics. Results of this work indicate the dyeability of resinated cotton is improved with the use of the liquid ammonia treatment prior to dyeing. In addition, resinated fabrics treated with liquid ammonia exhibit greater durable press performance compared to resinated fabrics without the liquid ammonia treatment.