Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Evaluation of the Use of the Near Infrared Reflectance Analysis for the Measuring of Extractable Levels of 100 Percent Cotton and Polyester/Cotton Fabrics
Thesis Author: Jeffrey Harmon
Abstract: Inconsistent fabric preparation may result in uneven removal of impurities and soils which can cause unlevel or inconsistent application of dyes and chemicals in dyeing and finishing. Currently, impurity or extractable testing of prepared fabric may require several days time and precisely followed procedures to obtain accurate quantitative results. Because of these time and effort requirements, many wet processing plants do not routinely test extractables. Therefore, a precise and fast method for quantitatively determining .extractable levels would enable textile wet processors to better evaluate and control preparation thus possibly reducing costly inconsistencies in dyeing and finishing. This thesis investigates an alternative way of measuring extractable levels of cotton and polyester/cotton fabrics using Near-Infrared Analysis and provides an understanding of the methods NIRA uses for quantitative measurement.