Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Improving opportunities for corporate profit by integrating production and marketing strategies
Thesis Author: John Wagstaff
Abstract: A theoretical model is developed using actual data from a textile company. The data was collected to reflect both the marketing and production functions. The model successfully reflected the production environment and was demonstrated to the textile company. The model is solved by linear programming, a method of allocating limited resources among competing activities. The model provides information to the textile company about unused resources and products that could best utilize those resources. styles and quantities of that style that could best fill any available capacity can be indicated. In this manner, a company can use the most production capacity possible and increase profit opportunities. A textile company, using the program developed in this work, can determine maximum profit possible from a group of competing orders. This ensures that the company will have the greatest profit possibility. For a production facility, an optimal machine schedule can be produced. The system can show how many machines should be running each style. This work can also determine the feasibility of any order for any delivery date. In this way, a company can be sure that it can produce a good before it enters the planning and allocation stage of order processing. This will ensure that a textile company will have the quickest response time possible.