Thesis Details

Thesis Title: A methodology to identify manufacturing conditions which prevent continuous material flow in textile plants : J-I-T [Just-In-Time]
Thesis Author: Gene Bumgardner
Abstract: Technological advancements have greatly reduced machine throughput times in the textile industry. Textile manufacturers need to complement these breakthroughs by managing resources efficiently so that raw materials can be transformed into usable products as quickly and correctly as possible. Management's success of attaining this level of excellence is measured by the amount of time required to produce saleable products. Before materials can flow continuously through textile plants, the impediments to material flow must be identified and eliminated. A methodology to identify impediments to continuous material flow was developed and tested in this thesis. The methodology was divided into three stages: Stage A: Determination of J-I-T Target, Stage B: J-I-T Baseline Development, and Stage C: Characterization of Product Process Flow. A J-I-T Delay Equation and a J-I-T Index were developed in this work to analyze the data collected in each stage. The factors which impede the continuous flow of material were identified by the analysis of data. Although the development of the methodology was the main objective, knowledge concerning the major impediment to continuous material flow in the methodology test sites was gained. The storage of work-in-process inventory was identified as the main impediment. Moreover, it was learned that the quantity in which the product was fabricated had a significant effect on the amount of storage time. The prototype methodology developed in this thesis provided a means to quickly analyze manufacturing conditions so that impediments to continuous material flow could be identified.