Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Evaluation of vibration analysis for the predication of fabric quality and stop levels on air jet weaving machines
Thesis Author: Curt Woodcock
Abstract: With the increasing costs and speeds of modern weaving machines, textile manufacturers are constantly evaluating new technologies to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. One of the most promising new tools being used for maintenance in the textile industry is vibration analysis. Vibration analysis has proven its usefulness for predicting the failure of rotating machinery. Its use on weaving machines has been largely limited to monitoring rotating machinery for predicting failure; the relationship between vibration levels on non-rotating parts and machine performance has not been evaluated. This thesis research attempted to determine the relationship between machine performance parameters, such as stop levels and fabric quality, and vibration levels monitored at non-rotational parts of air jet weaving machines. This study involved the use of a portable real time spectrum analyzer and hand-held accelerometer to measure both discrete value of vibration and vibration spectra on nine points on fifty-four air jet weaving machines for six days. The resulting vibration readings were statistically correlated to stop levels and fabric quality data through the use of regression analysis. It was found that no direct relationship exists between vibration and performance parameters. There were, however, some non-statistical analysis of the vibration spectra which suggest that a relationship does exist between vibration at the heddle guides and stop levels, and vibration at the filling accumulators and the fabric quality.