Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An evaluation of carpet yarn properties produced on a high draft spinning system from high grain weight sliver delivered from state-of-the-art drawframes
Thesis Author: Michael Scott Martin
Abstract: High speed chain gill drawframes and high draft spinning systems offer carpet Yarn producers the opportunity to improve quality and productivity at the same time. This thesis was aimed at providing carpet yarn producers a documented quality comparison of two versus three pass pinning, an evaluation of finisher slivers and yarns produced from differing numbers of ends fed and pinning drafts into high grain weight slivers on state-of-the-art equipment. Results from testing indicate that three pass pinning produced a better quality sliver and yarn primarily due to improvement in sliver fiber alignment. Increasing the number of ends fed at pinning deteriorates sliver quality because the required increase in draft associated with the higher mass inputs increases sliver nonuniformity. High grain weight finisher sliver of approximately 180 grains per yard performed the best with respect to sliver and yarn quality. Generally, an increase in sliver grain weight leads to a decrease in nonuniformity of sliver because less drafting is required; however, high grain weight sliver requires more drafting at spinning. Yarn quality is closely related to input sliver quality. It is essential for carpet yarn producers to concentrate on the production of high quality sliver to obtain the best possible yarns.