Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An investigation of products from light fading of dyed acetate fabric
Thesis Author: Roger W. Cross
Abstract: This research was undertake to gain as much information as possible about the changes which occur in an azo dye during fading. Two dyes, l-anthraquinone-azo-di (B-hydroxyethyl) - aniline and 2-anthraquinone-azo-di (B-hydroxyethyl) aniline were synthesized for this research by standard diazotization and coupling methods. After exposure in a Fade-Ometer, products were isolated by chromatography which were identified as partially dealkylated dyes. An oxidative mechanism can be written to explain this dealkylation. Such a mechanism does not fully explain, however, the loss of color which was apparent on the exposed areas of dyeings. Some products were observed on unexposed areas of fading which were the same as those observed on exposed areas; consquently, the changes in the dye molecule cannot be attributed to light alone. It was shown that these changes were not caused by the dyeing or extraction process and it is highly improbable that heat caused such changes.