Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Stress-temperature measurements on textile fibers
Thesis Author: William Ferguson Gerrow, Jr.
Abstract: By application of thermodynamics, the total stress, F, on an elastic body may be resolved into an internal energy component, FU, and an entropy component, FS. The entropy term may be determined from measurement of the thermal coefficient of stress. An apparatus has been developed for measurement of this stress-temperature relation of several textile fibers. Stress relaxation of the cotton fiber, immersed in water, has also been studied. From the combined results of the experiemtns performed it is postulated that hte molecular behavior of a fiber, stretched to a fixed length by application of a tensile load, involves firstly reversible elasticity and secondly irreversible elasticity. The reversible elasticity is the internal energy change, probably involving deformation of valency angles. Irreversible elasticity is characterized by the stree relaxation phenomenon and the permanent set produced by this effect.