Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Relationship of certain mechanical stresses to the dyeing characteristics of cellulose acetate filament yarn
Thesis Author: Claude Fitzpatrick Hughes, Jr.
Abstract: In this research work, cellulose acetate filament yarns have been cyclically loaded to different extents and subsequently dyed for different time periods. Then these dyed yarns were anlyzed for dye take-up in an effort to relate previous conditioning of the yarn to the dye take-up. It has been shown that the dye take-up and dyeing rate of cellulose acetate filament yarn is sensitive to each of three factors: 1) number of cycles; 2) rate of loading, and 3) magnitude of ull load to which the filament yarn had been previously subjected. It is thought that this work sheds a revealing light upon many dyeing defects met with in mill practice.