Thesis Details

Thesis Title: Effect of cyclic changes in moisture regain on the chemical and physical properties of cotton and other fibers
Thesis Author: Robert William Lenz
Abstract: Various types of fibers were subjected to cyclic changes in moisture regain to determine what effect this treatment alone would have on their physical and chemical properties. The fibers were successively humidified and dried at least 50 times under different relative humidities. Cotton, extracted cotton, mercerized cotton, viscose rayon, and wool were so treated. In general, the following modifications of the cellulosic fibers were observed: 1. A decrease in breaking strength. 2. An increase in bending sifffness. 3. No change in methylene blue affinity. 4. A higher copper number. 5. An alternate increase and decrease in equilibrium moisture regain. These modifications were attributed to either a chmical change or an increase in the degree of crystallinity in the fibers, or both.