Thesis Details

Thesis Title: An investigation of the impact of bobbin diameter ratio and winding parameters on yarn hairiness
Thesis Author: Robert G. Gabel
Abstract: This thesis has established the importance of the tunnel entry temperature of the Superba heat setting machine. It has also investigated the relationship between cabling speed and certain yarn properties while examining an experimental finish and a modified method of bulking for bulked continuous filament (BCF) Nylon 6,6,. The effects of heat treatment on yarn properties have been well documented. However, there has been no published research investigating the association of Superba tunnel entry temperature to yarn properties. The specific objectives of this thesis included relating these processing parameters to yarn bulk and fiber structure. Six tests were employed to measure quality of product. The Textured Yarn Tester (TYT) was used to measure yarn % Total Recovery. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Thermal Stress Analysis (TSA), and Differential Dyeing were employed to study fiber structure. SimFloor Test (a simulated wear test) and Carpet Bulk Test were utilized to measure finished carpet quality.