Thesis Details

Thesis Title: The effect of residual moisture content in 65/35 easy dyeable polyester/cotton fabric on the degree of dye fixation using saturated steam at superatmospheric pressure
Thesis Author: Dale R. Williams
Abstract: This thesis research was the final phase of an overall program at ITT entitled "The Next Generation of Continuous Dyeing of Polyester/Cotton Fabrics." The purpose of the program was to investigate alternatives to Thermosol dyeing. This thesis established the level of color uniformity and reproducibility for fabrics containing residual moisture. The parameters investigated were residual moisture content and dwell time. Seven levels of moisture content, 0-30%, in 5% increments, and seven levels of dwell time from 30 to 210 seconds, in 30 second increments, were evaluated for each dye formulation. In general it can be stated that these results indicate a large range of dwell times and residual moisture content for shade reproduciblity compared to the Thermosol process.